What are the key features for choosing the right wall paint?

Are you planning to paint your walls? Then you should aware of certain things before choosing
wall paints for your home. Regardless of whether you simply need to give your walls a new look
or you are re-planning your home, it is vital to consider a few key highlights or elements of wall
paints before you pick the right color.

Following are the key elements to remember before painting your wall:

Safe paint
Safety is a prior concern for everyone while choosing wall paint.
Chose a wall paint which is safe and smells good. The aroma of the paint keeps the room fresh.
Earlier, paints contained volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that are unsafe for human beings.
You should rather pick up eco-friendly paints that don't have any side effects.

Washable Paint
Your walls can't paint multiple times if they get stained. So go for washable paints which can be
washed easily and eliminate stains. If there are kids in your home, there is a high chance of
getting your wall stained. You can pick satin finish or high gloss finish paints for these walls.
Washable paints can be wiped and cleaned fast and assure a fresh look for walls long after they
have been painted.

Protection from Dust 
Just assume that your home walls are constantly disclosed to dust, heat, or other pollutants, then
it is essential to pick a dust-resistant safe paint for your walls. It prevents your walls from dust
particles as it has low dust pick up.

Protect Walls from Cracks
When your walls get to age, there is a chance of appearing cracks in your walls due to moisture
and heat. Crack-bridging paints are paints that bridge over the gaps and give a continuous look to
your wall coatings. For the protection of your walls from cracking, choose crack-bridging paints.

Weatherproof Paints
Your exterior walls are always exposed to dust, sunlight and rain. 
For keeping your walls from various weather conditions, you should choose weatherproof paints.
A weatherproof exterior paint will help to resist dampness, moisture, heat, sunlight, water and
dust for a long period. 

Hence choose wall paints that have the above-mentioned qualities for protecting your walls.